State-of-the-art NTRU-based key encapsulation


Public git repository

The primary source to obtain the NTRU-HRSS software is the public GitHub repository. To download and build the software, follow the following steps:

git clone https://github.com/ntru-hrss/ntru-hrss.git
cd ntru-hrss/ref && make
cd ../avx2 && make

In each of the subdirectories ref/test/ and avx2/test/ this will build various unit tests and the following binaries that test and benchmark the whole scheme:

  • test_keypair, test_encap, and test_decap are used by the test_compatibility.sh script to ensure that the ref and the avx2 implementations are computing the same output.
  • test_ntru tests functionality of encapsulation and decapsulation.
  • speed benchmarks keypair generation, encapsulation, decapsulation and various subroutines.